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Blast Fan
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Blast Fan

Powerful & efficent!

Our BLAST Series of fiberglass housing re-circulating fans are the most powerful and efficient recircultating fans available in the market today. Our smooth bell shaped intake is designed for optimum performance and is balanced with an exhaust opening for maximum air velocity and distance coverage. This lightweight fan is easier to handle than heavy metal housing fans and designed for the harshest environments. Designed for performance and efficiency, our new series again raises the bar for the
competition to follow.


  • Exceptional air velocity is ideal for building cooling or corrosion resistant environments
  • People cooling in factories, warehouses and sporting events
  • Air de-stratification in buildings can reduce heating and cooling bills by up to 35%
  • Creates a consistent air temperature in buildings or greenhouses
  • Insect control when creating a velocity of 300 feet (91 m) per minute
  • Creates an air exchange when placed in a wall
  • Used to change the air in shipping trucks and containers when loading or unloading
  • High velocity air pattern can develop an air curtain
  • Machine and compressor cooling
  • Surface drying for wet floors, golf greens and animal bed

Motor features for 36", 50" (91, 127 CM)

  • CSA/CSA-US and CE approved
  • 50/60 hz
  • F Class insulated
  • Follow Nema standards either 48 or 56 frame
  • Dupont Nomex insulation
  • Rotors have been balanced to reduce noise vibration and prolong life
  • Motor enclosures have been machined to <0.5mm to reduce rotor shaft play
  • Motors have been CSA/CSA-US for an ambient temp of 40° C but will stand up to 65 degree C (149° F)
  • Copper Windings rated at H Class
  • Bearing Specifications - -40° C to 140° C
  • Capacitor rating 450vac, 10,000 hours for extended life
  • Silicon steel rotors and stators
  • Full 1 year warranty


  • Fiberglass corrosion resistant housing
  • Motors are totally enclosed, high efficiency with sealed ball bearings
  • Most powerful fans in the market today
    based on size and motor horsepower
  • Well balanced and strong blade design for years of trouble free service
  • Designed for optimum air throw and coverage
  • Easy to clean and has no corners for dirt and disease build-up

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